Kickass Torrents

Kickass torrents was a famous torrenting website which provided quality magnetic links. It had a comprehensive directory and used the BitTorrent protocol for facilitating peer-to-peer file sharing. After its foundation in 2008, Kickass torrents had enormous growth, and at one point, it was the most visited torrent site worldwide. The exclusive collection of movies, games, music, videos, and software made the kickasstorrents a treasured love for the customers who had difficulty finding media content of their choice.

However, the website couldn’t run for a longer duration due to its copyright issues. Like all other torrenting sites, Kickass torrents were another victim of the governments of different countries, which led to the shutdown of the software. However, users still continue to access the Kickass torrent platform’s main contents by visiting the mirror sites and proxies.

What is Kickass Torrents?

Kickass Torrent, known as KAT, was an in-demand torrent website until 2015. The website launched earlier in 2008. However, it became the most popular directory for torrent files after a few years. Moreover, at the time, it had a record of more than 1 million users per day. Unfortunately, the U.S. authorities later seized the Kickass Torrents, making it offline in 2016. However, many successful websites let one have peer-to-peer uploading and downloading places like KickassTorrents mirrors and proxies.

Best Features of Kickass Torrent


There are multiple features of the kick ass torrents website which are available for the customers. Let us see them in detail.

Torrent Search Engine

Every user on the proxies or the mirror websites of Kickass torrent like the will have access to a torrent search engine which will ease the job of finding the content of their choice. Users can easily find the media they are looking for using the search engine.

Vast Directory

The Kickass torrent site’s vast directory makes it popular in the torrenting industry. You can find any kind of game, music, video, application and other required content of your choice. Moreover, categorising the contents on the Kickass torrent website can help you easily find the magnet files.

User-Friendly Interface

The interface of the torrenting site is another valuable feature of Kickass torrents. It has an interactive yet simple UI making it more straightforward even for beginners to the website. Therefore, you can easily navigate through the website without much hesitation.

Note: We never promote any nature of piracy, so it is always better to use torrent websites to download only non-copyrighted content and not copyrighted ones.

KickassTorrents Proxy/Mirror – Only Working List

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15+ Best KickassTorrents Alternatives 2023 Edition

Although, Kickass torrent has been banned in several regions. But the alternatives available for the software has not left any space to provide content to the users. There is some compelling site like kickass torrent, which can provide the type of games, videos and movies which were also available on the Kickass torrent website.

1. The Pirate Bay

Similar: Pirate Bay Alternatives & Pirate Bay Proxies

Pirate Bay

Pirate Bay is quite obvious to top the list of alternatives to Kickass torrent. This website can provide you with everything of your choice that you want to download on your device. Besides downloading torrents, Pirate Bay also lets you add magnet links to the website. It uses an efficient BitTorrent protocol to allow peer-to-peer file sharing, making content sharing much more straightforward. At The Pirate Bay, you can find anything of your choice.

Type of content:

    • Movies, Games, Videos, Software, Music and others.

Key Features:

    • Allows peer-to-peer file sharing.
    • Supports Magnet links.
    • Users can upload magnet links.
    • Home to all types of content.
Pros Cons
User-Friendly and interactive UI. No HTTPS encryption.
Provides a torrent search engine for customers Banned in some regions.
Categorisation of the torrent files.  
Quick downloading speed.  

New Working Proxies/Mirrors:,,


Similar: RARBG Alternatives


Another attractive website as an alternative to sites like Kick Ass torrents is the RARBG torrenting website. This torrenting site offers magnet links and also uses the BitTorrent protocol which allows peer-to-peer file sharing. The best part of using this torrenting website is that it offers verified content to the customers. The interface of RARBG is very intuitive, allowing every site customer to navigate the different aspects of RARBG.

Type of content:

    • Movies, videos, games, mucsics and others.

Key Features:

    • Movies are available in high definition, like 720P, 1080P and even 3D.
    • Provides verified torrents to the customers.
    • Allows peer-to-peer file sharing.
    • A vast range of magnetic links.
Pros Cons
Availability of the torrent files. Requests captcha for downloading files.
Simple and interactive interface. No categorisation of the genres.
Allows free downloads.  
No limit to downloading files.  

New Working Proxies/Mirrors:,,

3. 1337x

Similar: 1337x Alternatives & 1337x Proxies


1337x is another effective alternative to the Kickass torrent website. Like Kickass torrent and its other alternatives, the 1337x website also provides a comprehensive directory of torrent files and magnet links that users can access. Popular in the torrenting industry, the 1337x website also uses a BitTorrent protocol to share p2p files. It has a clean and user-friendly interface, making it easier even for beginners who wish to download their desired torrent on the website.

Type of content:

    • Anime, movies, TV shows, games, music, software and others.

Key Features:

    • Separate sections for different contents.
    • Provides a torrent search engine.
    • Has effective lock screen controls.
    • Allows users to track movies easily.
Pros Cons
Provides speed charts. Some links contain outdated information.
Simple interface. Some users do not seed the torrents after downloading them.
Supports magnet links.  
Allows p2p file sharing.  

4. Torrentz2

Similar: Torrentz2 Proxies


Although, Torrentz2 is another quality alternative websites like Kickass torrent, but one major drawback of the site is it is only limited to music torrents. Therefore, the Torrentz2 website has an incredible collection of music torrents. Also, the number of advertisements occurring on the Torrentz2 website is very high. But, for music lovers, there is nothing better than the Torrentz2 torrenting website with its massive music directory.

Type of content:

    • Music.

Key Features:

    • The largest collection of music.
    • Provides verified torrents.
    • Allows quick download of music.
Pros Cons
Simple interface. Lower downloading speeds.
Quality search engine. Too much of ad intrusion.

New Working Proxies/Mirrors:,,

5. YTS

Similar: YTS Alternatives


If you are looking to download free movies, then the YTS website is another quality, kickass torrent alternative. The website primarily focuses on movies and offers a broad collection of cinemas, and the pleasing UI makes it simple for users to navigate through the torrent site. Additionally, the YTS torrenting website is favourable for downloading high-definition content and allows one-click downloads.

Type of content:

    • Movies.

Key Features:

    • Good directory for movies.
    • High-definition videos.
    • Allows downloads in 720P, 1080P and even 3D.
Pros Cons
Home to a wide collection of movie torrents. No availability of other content.
User-friendly UI for beginners. Banned in some regions.
High-quality movies with improved audio.  

New Working Proxies/Mirrors:,,


Similar: EZTV Proxies


The next accurate replacement for the Kickass torrent website is EZTV. Like all other torrenting websites, you can easily find content on the EZTV website and download torrents of your choice. Although, this torrenting website lags in its interface. But, the website can serve the customers’ purposes without hesitation. Therefore, EZTV is considered another compelling kickass torrent alternatives.

Type of Content:

    • Movies and TV shows.

Key Features:

    • No popups between the downloads.
    • Less intrusive ads while downloading media files.
    • Good quality and directory of Movies and TV shows.
    • Displays the latest website news on the homepage.
Pros Cons
Considerable directory for torrent files. Ineffective interface.
Torrent search engine for the contents. Unavailability of all types of content.
Quick download speeds.  

New Working Proxies/Mirrors:,,

7. TorrentDownloads


TorrentDownloads is an effective alternative to Kickass torrent and is beneficial for customers looking for content with obscure titles. Moreover, every user can also find rare videos and games on the TorrentDownloads website. However, the site has lost its popularity in recent years. But, TorrentDownloads is considered a quality alternative of kickass torrent. You can find hosts of Asian content on the TorrentDownloads torrenting website.

Type of Content:

    • Asian content, Rare books and videos, Obscure titles.

Key Features:

    • Good for quality Asian content.
    • Hosts rare videos and books for users.
    • Provides a library of obscure titles.
    • The average downloading speed for the users.
Pros Cons
Simple yet compelling UI. Intrusive advertisements.
Availability of rare media content. Unavailability of all types of content.
Does not require restarting from scratch.  
Above average downloading speeds.  

New Working Proxies/Mirrors:,,

8. LimeTorrents

Similar: LimeTorrents Alternatives


Relatively new to the torrenting website, the LimeTorrents website offers a host of movies, games, eBooks and software for customers. Every content on this torrenting website is accurately organised into groups, making navigation simpler for users. Additionally, the LimeTorrents torrenting website offers a one-click download feature for verified content. The LimeTorrents is another attractive and better alternative to kickass torrent.

Type of Content:

    • Movies, software, eBooks and games.

Key Features:

    • Availability of verified contents.
    • Display the file size to be downloaded.
    • Shows the required time for content downloading.
    • Good collection of torrent files.
Pros Cons
Average download speed for the torrents. Banned in some regions.
Categorisation of the files. Slow at times.
User-friendly and interactive interface.  

New Working Proxies/Mirrors:,,

9. TorLock

Similar: TorLock Proxies


Torlock is another high-quality alternative to the Kickass torrent website. The best part of the site is the presence of verified content. Therefore, if the users want to download the torrents of their choice, they won’t have to think twice about safety and security. The well-categorised sections of movies, videos, TV shows, games and software will amaze you. The simple UI makes it easier for the users to surf through the massive collections of high-quality animes.

Type of Content:

    • Movies, TV Shows, Anime, Games and others.

Key Features:

    • Every content on the website is verified.
    • A vast collection of Anime.
    • Separate section for displaying the trending torrents.
    • Contents are well categorised into different genres.
Pros Cons
Simple and interactive interface. Banned in some regions.
Availability of all types of content.  
High-quality contents.  
Above average downloading speed.  

New Working Proxies/Mirrors:,,

10. iDope

Similar: iDope Proxies


iDope is another compelling alternative to the Kickass torrent website, which can fulfil your demands of downloading your favourite content. The site features a simple yet attractive interface that makes the platform user-friendly for everyone. Be it a movie or any game, you can search for anything on the iDope torrenting website and download it. The categorisation of the torrents makes it easier to search for the latest files.

Type of content:

    • Movies, Videos, games, Software and others.

Key Feature:

    • You can find all types of content.
    • Availability of contents in high definition.
    • Torrent search engine for the users.
Pros Cons
Attractive and interactive interface. Unavailability in some regions.
Presence of latest torrents. Faces domain issues.
Quick download speeds.  

New Working Proxies/Mirrors:,,

11. Zooqle – Currently Down



Since the shutdown of the popular torrenting website, the Zooqle website has grown due to its collection of gaming torrents. Not developed unlike the other torrenting websites, Zooqle has an average downloading speed which allows customers to download their favourite gaming content. The robust library of games makes the torrenting site attractive for PC and console gamers.

Type of Content:

    • Games, Documentaries, TV shows, Videos and others.

Key Features:

    • Robust directory of games.
    • The average downloading speed of 1-2 MB/ps
    • Availability of almost all types of torrents.
Pros Cons
Responsive website. The site’s appearance is dull.
Allows torrent subscription. Unavailability of digital products.
Features more than 40000 movies.  

New Working Proxies/Mirrors:,,

12. Dirty Torrents

Dirty Torrents


Not so popular in the torrenting industry, Dirty torrents is another good alternative to the Kickasstorrents website. The site does not host the magnet links and torrent files directly; instead, it links to torrents from other torrenting sites. The meta-search engine of the Dirty Torrents torrenting site makes it simpler for every user to search for the kind of content they want to download on their device.

Type of content:

    • Movies, Videos, Games, Music and others.

Key Features:

    • Provides a meta search engine for the users.
    • Availability of all types of content.
    • User-friendly interface for the customers.
Pros Cons
Responsive UI. Does not host torrent files.
Dozens of torrent outcomes. Banned in some countries.
Average downloading speed.  

New Working Proxies/Mirrors:,,

13. IsoHunt

Similar: Isohunt Proxies


IsoHunt is one of the best alternative to Kickass torrent torrenting sites. The website hosts thousands of torrent users and provides various media content. Besides downloading torrent files, the IsoHunt website also allows users to upload movies, videos, games, music and other files. The user-friendly website of torrent site will enable customers to browse any file and download them easily on their devices.

Type of content:

    • Movies, Videos, games, books, anime, TV shows and others.

Key Features:

    • A broad range of content for the users.
    • Allows users to upload torrent files.
    • Hosts thousands of users on the site.
Pros Cons
You can find every type of torrent file. Requires IsoHunt client download for file downloading.
The interface is simple and user-friendly. Restricts users from some countries.
Easy downloading of content.  

New Working Proxies/Mirrors:,,

14. YourBittorrent


Being one of the safest torrenting sites, YourBittorrent is another excellent alternative to the Kickass torrent website. The website is known for offering fantastic peer-to-peer files in every category like TV shows, movies, videos, apps, anime, eBooks and others. However, the interface of the website is minimal but is highly interactive, which allows easy searching of the magnet links for different types of content.

Type of Content:

    • Movies, TV shows, Games, Videos, Music, Anime, eBooks and others.

Key Features:

    • Offers unique p2p files to the customers.
    • Provides easy searching of the magnetic links.
    • Minimal website design yet interactive.
    • Availability of all types of content.
Pros Cons
Simple and attractive design. Requires connecting to VPN in some parts.
Does not require registration before use.  
Easy downloading of torrent files.  

New Working Proxies/Mirrors:,,

15. BitLord


If you are searching for a family-friendly best free kickass torrents alternative, then the BitLord torrenting website is best for your purposes. The toggle feature of this torrenting website makes it easier for the users to filter the adult content and separate them. Additionally, one unique feature of the BitLord torrent website is the ability to stream a host of unique content. You can find different types of torrent files on the BitLord website.

Type of content:

    • Movies, Videos, Games, Software and others.

Key Features:

    • Adult content filtering toggle.
    • Family-friendly torrent website.
    • Streaming option for several torrent files.
    • Easy-to-use interface for the users.
Pros Cons
Availability of all types of content. Unavailable in some regions.
Simply remove the adult torrents.  
Easy torrent search engine.  

New Working Proxies/Mirrors: No Proxies/Mirrors Available for This Site

16. Glo Torrents


The Glo torrent website is another alternative to the Kickass torrent website and has been in use after the permanent ban of the Kickass torrent. This website hosts torrent files, magnet links and direct downloads for the contents, which anyone can access. On the Glo Torrent torrenting site, you can view all content information like seeders to leecher ratio, download speed and other essential information regarding the torrent file.

Type of Content:

    • Movies, Videos, Games, Apps and others.

Key Features:

    • Availability of magnet links.
    • Torrent files for direct downloads.
    • Users can view every information regarding the torrent file.
Pros Cons
Easy to use interface. The download speed is a bit slow.
Seeders to leecher ratio. Restricted in some regions.
Easily downloadable content.  
Presence of upload dates.  

New Working Proxies/Mirrors:,,

17. Legit Torrents

Legit Torrent


If you are searching for an easy-to-use torrent site in the list of best kickass torrent alternatives, the Legit Torrents torrenting site might serve your purpose. Every file on this website is categorised into groups, making it convenient for the customers to find their required torrent from the massive directory of files. The best part of the website is that it offers legally available torrent files for download, and you won’t require a fee or registration to download verified torrent files.

Type of content:

    • Movies, Videos, eBooks, Games, Software and others.

Key Feature:

    • Offers legally downloadable torrent files.
    • Wide range of torrents available.
    • Free to use the website.
Pros Cons
Requires no registration. The torrent site is not updated regularly.
Simple, attractive and user-friendly interface.  
The latest contents are available.  

New Working Proxies/Mirrors: No Proxies/Mirrors Available for This Site

How do Kickass Torrents Work?

Most people rely on movies and films for their entertainment. Hence, it has been one of the people’s most practical forms of entertainment for decades. Therefore, people encounter cinema as an escape from boring, dull, and repetitive daily life.

However, torrents have become an abnormally trendy means for people to download movies, shows, and games from the internet, especially in developing places and regions where they are not published or readily available.

The website server does not host any movies, shows, or other files on its platform. However, it delivers files such as “torrents” or “magnet links” to download files of your choice from the website. This file contains details about the actual file, such as file type, seeds to download, and many more to decode from Bit Torrent.

How Anyone Can Download From Kickass Torrents?

You can easily use the Kickass torrent website to download your favourite content. Follow the steps to use the Kickass torrent website.

Check in to a Torrent Client

Like all other torrent websites, Kickass torrents only provide magnetic links or torrent files. However, you must have a torrent client on your device to access these files.

Visit the Kickass Torrent Proxy Site

Visit a kickass torrent proxy site. Ensure that the mirror site you are visiting is working correctly because some proxies are blocked in some regions.

Use the Categorisation to Find the Type of File

The Kickass torrents website is categorised into different groups. You can visit the groups and look for the files you want to download on your device. Or search for the file in the search bar of the website.

Check for the Properties and Information

You will find numerous search options on the Kickass torrent website after searching for the content you want to download. Once the files appear, check for the properties and review them properly. If you feel that the magnet link has proper reviews, click on it to start the download. The download progress of the file will be visible on the homepage of the Kickass torrent website.

Why is Kickass Torrent Down?

Websites like kickass torrents have every kind of copyright content on their site as magnets and links. However, the government may only support this torrent website for a few reasons like piracy, security, and safety problems.

KickassTorrents, or KAT, is a torrent downloading website that allows users to download copyrighted software and movies for free. Moreover, which attracts more than a million users per day. However, posting pirated content breaks the law. Hence, the U.S. government has taken down the website from functioning. Therefore many users aim to search for different similar websites to use.

How to Unblock or Access Kickass Torrents?

There are many methods to access the website to download free content. However, before you try to know the method of accessing or unblocking it, you shall know what Kickass Torrent is. The website provides a systematically organized place for all peer-to-peer links and magnets to upload and download different content.

If the kickass website Torrent is blocked or inaccessible in your country or region, there are still a few methods to access it. Therefore, here are a few working methods to unblock kickass websites. You can try any of them to get a kickass Torrent without any problem.


A VPN is the best way that you can use to hide your current region or location. Therefore, if the Kickass torrent website or any other site is restricted in your country.

Furthermore, we recommend using a VPN to access it. With any good VPN, you can access sites that your government restricts. You can choose the country to which the website has access and then enjoy the website.

T.O.R. Browser

The second method you can use to access or unblock the content in your area or region is the T.O.R. browser. Therefore, this method can help you change your region’s setting, resulting in restricted access. However, on the downside, ensure a good internet speed to allow the pages to load. In addition, the website takes a lot of time to do the task.

Mirror and Proxies

A proxy or mirror site is useful when the main website is not helpful for the users. For convenience, the mirror or proxy site is the same as the main website. However, the difference between them is that the domain name has changed. A proxy or mirror website is good if you want to download movies or web series from a kickass torrent or website and cannot access the main website.

Kickass Torrents Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Is the website Kickass still available?

Ans. No, The website is banned by the U.S. government because of pirated content.

Ans. Yes, there are many famous alternatives to the website which you can use; we have curated a list for you above.

Ans. You don’t have to register on the website to download. Instead, you can search for content on the site and download it according to the process above.

Ans. If the website is banned in your region, you may need a VPN as an intermediary to access it.

Ans. It’s a free app that lets you access and downloads files from kickass Torrent, securing every barrier. Hence, no matter your country, you can use the kickass Torrent.

Ans. There is only a chance now for the original website to come back. However, there are many mirror and alternative websites.

Ans. You can search by torrent name on the search bar or search the top 100 based on categories to download a game.

Ans. To download movies, you can use the T.O.R. browser or proxies and mirror sites.

Ans. It’s a website to download and upload peer-to-peer magnet links and torrent files to access numerous games, movies, ebooks, and many more.

Ans. To provide an organized place for every Torrent for a better user experience.

Ans. The U.S. government bans the original site. However, there is a copied version of it.

Ans. Pirate bay, lime torrent, and 1337x are a few good alternatives. However, we have curated a list of alternatives for you.

Ans. The government bans the website for its contents that are obtained illegally.

Ans. To create an interface where people can find every kind of content with a user-friendly option at the back of their hands.

Ans. It’s a process of uploading and downloading a large file to share it with multiple users simultaneously.

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