How Can You Acquire More Users with Android Instant Apps?

Instant apps were first offered by Android a few years ago, and other platforms quickly adopted them. Instant apps for Android do not need installation and may be utilized straight through a link.

Instant applications are essentially smaller components or more extensive programs that could execute a specific task. For example, a gaming software might break the game’s levels into modules, allowing players to view portions of these levels without downloading the program. Naturally, if they want to play all of the groups, they’ll have to download the program.

Regarding exposure and client acquisition, Android Instant Apps offer a slew of advantages to programmers and companies. It has aided in creating a whole new chance for people who desire their software to succeed.

A few examples of how firms could employ instant marketing, and customer acquisition applications are listed below.

What are Instant Apps, and How Do You Use Them?

The most straightforward definition of Instant Software is that they are tiny, incomplete, and instantly available versions of native apps. A native application is likewise readily available to a programmer; after all, a user only needs to download it. Are they downloading the program, burning through data, and emptying memory on the mobile all for one app? Many firms are missing out on such lateral app needs because of a minor stumbling block – they must be downloaded. As a result, Instant Apps are introduced.

There is no need to download Instant Apps. They are available on Play Store, and as soon as the user clicks on them, the user is taken to a microsite with limited functionality compared to the native app. How does this help the user? The user gets to try the app to availing its specific utility, and they don’t have to download it. This provides an added touchpoint for them to try the app before actually downloading or buying it.

What Are Android Instant Apps and How Do They Work?

Instant Apps for Android require specific modifications to native apps. A native app is divided into discrete modules, including segregated sections of the entire native program. Buzzfeed’s delicious, for example, would group all content about spaghetti into one module and data regarding pastries into another. So now, when someone searches for pasta recipe videos on Google Play, it simply downloads and runs the pasta recipe part. It’s a lot quicker than installing the entire Buzzfeed app. At I/O 16, the Google Android team also produced a demo movie demonstrating how Buzzfeed used Android Instant Apps.

Still, thinking whether you need Instant Apps for your business? These reasons will help you out in deciding:

How Can you Get More Users with Android Instant Apps?

Visitors saw the first glimpse of a fantastic new Android feature called Instant Apps during Google I/O 2016. These quick Android apps are designed to bridge the web and native apps. The core concept behind Android Instant Apps is to break down native apps into smaller components, making it simpler to execute applications without traveling to the Google Play store. Furthermore, instant Apps enable customers to view the app’s cloud-based version on an Android phone without downloading it from the Play Store.

User Acquisition Made Easier

Consider the following scenario: you are visiting a different town and have no notion where to eat. In this situation, you will download a meal exploration application, register, search for menu offerings and reviews, confirm that the food is delicious, and then visit the establishment. However, with Instant Applications, restaurant discovery firms could provide solutions where customers could immediately click the NFC chip and be directed to the restaurant app without downloading it.

Instant applications are beneficial to companies with novice apps, but they are also helpful to numerous on-demand apps often used, such as Uber. For example, if a man is walking in the street and wishes to get a cab, he will find it much easier to use the quick application instead of waiting for the app to download, enroll with numerous stages, and then get a cab.

Getting consumers to download applications that are utilized for a particular context, such as researching nearby salons and spas, is one of the most challenging issues companies face. Several people will be turned off by the time it takes for the software to download and take up space on their device.

Real Time Feedback and Product Testing

It is among the most critical components of your company if you are an android app development firm. You could effectively create an Instant Program version of your native application and allow customers to access the most valuable features without downloading it. To measure their app’s success, most programmers use a variety of KPIs such as downloads, time spent, and so on. Customers provide you accurate evaluation with Instant Apps, whether they download the whole app, use simply the Instant App, or do nothing with the Instant App. In any case, you’ll be able to see whether or not the program works in its most basic form.

Increasing Accessibility

The key to launching your application would be a simple URL. Users don’t have to worry about running out of storage on their devices to use the application. For several people, this would address a significant issue. Additionally, customers would only get the parts of the program they are interested in, eliminating the need to browse the entire app for the desired activities.

Provide Incentives to Encourage People to Download the App

The application module would almost always convince the bulk of your target audience to download the app. However, they may require a little prodding from time to time. Companies could carefully offer customers in-app incentives if they download the app.

The instant app is a nice enough push and a good software sample for the target demographic, but further incentives would help. With a few incentives, you may persuade a more significant amount of participants to download the software.

User Experience Improvements

Whenever a customer clicks on the link, the app will open to the required functionality in a mobile mode in a matter of seconds. Instant apps provide extra advantages such as responsiveness and ease of use.

Online purchasing on a mobile page is the most problematic aspect for online shoppers. Instant apps, such as Amazon Prime, allow consumers to enjoy the User experience. Another instance is any app that says “Open in the App” whenever we access it on a mobile web page, which is inconvenient. If the application isn’t installed, it’s dull pain.

Provide Incentives for People to Share the App

Incentives would almost certainly influence the number of app downloads. You could, however, increase your presence even further by providing incentives for promoting the application. Sharing and pushing someone to download an application is challenging, but quick applications make it simple.

Because sharing instant apps is as simple as sharing a link, the likelihood of consumers utilizing them is much higher. When the individuals who receive the link test it, the time it takes them to download the application would be significantly reduced.


These are some methods that Instant apps could help you with your advertising and customer acquisition tactics. Many well-known firms, such as The New York Times Crossword, Red Bull TV, Buzzfeed News, Quizzes, and others, have already begun to deploy quick applications. These fast apps are already available for download from the Google Play Store.

A growing number of well-known companies are preparing to create their quick apps. What are you waiting for when they’re on the move?

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