Top 10 Online Hobbies You Should Try in 2022

Top 10 Online Hobbies You Should Try

Lockdowns in 2020 and continuing into 2021 have left people with a lot of spare time. With many offline hobbies off the table, more and more people have turned to the online world instead.

Whether you want to pass the time or turn your hobbies into an extra stream of income, take advantage of the growth of online hobbies and harness the online resources available to you.

Here are the top 10 online hobbies you should try in 2022:

Web Design

Web design is a future-proofed industry as the demand for great design will never die. It has a relatively gentle learning curve and there are countless resources for you to get started.

There is also a bunch of hugely powerful Chrome extensions that you can use to aid you in your studies.

Music Remixing

Music Remixing

Did you know that 53% of hobbies involve music in some way?

Music is the soundtrack to our lives and remixes on Spotify, YouTube and social media platforms garner millions of views every year. Online music mixing software is available at a relatively low price.
Start with basic remixes and graduate to making your own music from scratch.

Online Casino Gaming

There has never been a better time to join the flourishing online casino movement. With so many bonuses and great discounts on offer, online casinos are essentially giving you access to free money.

Even if you only have a few minutes per day to spare, online casino gaming is the ideal hobby to take up. You can find out more about the latest games available to play over here.



Adobe Photoshop can create some truly amazing images. There’s also a big market for Adobe Photoshop specialists, so you could also turn this hobby into a second stream of income.

Photoshop hobbyists invest a lot into learning more about the latest tools and how to combine them. Look up some Photoshop tutorials and get started.

Learn a New Language

See the world in an entirely new way by learning a new language. It’s easy to learn new languages online with dedicated courses, podcasts and flashcards. Engage with Reddit communities to expand your knowledge and meet new language learners.

It’s also worth downloading Duolingo to get the basics of the language down before moving to the next level.



If you have something you want to get down on paper, consider taking up writing as a hobby. Online writing communities are available in abundance, allowing you to be inspired by others and get feedback on your latest masterpiece.

There are also creative writing courses for those who want to take their skills to the next level.

DIY Crafting

The rise of Etsy has introduced crafting to a whole new audience. Whether you want to learn how to knit or how to create your own custom postcards, there’s a crafting community for you. Some hobbyists have even turned their crafts into full-blown online stores.

Crafting materials have never been more affordable, so it’s also a cost-effective hobby to start.



For hobbies you can do at home, cooking is an easy one. Watch step-by-step cooking tutorials from some of the greatest chefs in the world, including Gordon Ramsay.

Learning how to cook online is one of the best ways to grow your skill base, as you have access to an entire world of cuisine. Post your latest and greatest photos for other budding chefs to review.

Learn to Play an Instrument

Have you ever wanted to learn how to play a musical instrument?

Now you can, with online tutorials. From the electric guitar to the simple tin whistle, you now have the opportunity to learn a brand-new instrument. What’s more, most of these tutorials are completely free.

It’s also worth connecting with fellow musicians. Many learners have used Zoom to play together and harmonize.



Calligraphy is another of the most popular hobbies to master online. Previously seen as a dying art, the number of calligraphers has skyrocketed during the pandemic as people look to fill in some spare hours.

You don’t need anything more than a pen and a piece of paper to get started, so why not take up calligraphy?


Hobbies are a way to expand your horizons and while away the hours doing something fun. No matter whether you want to learn a new skill or create a second stream of income, starting a new hobby is not only fun but insightful.

Did you take up any new hobbies in 2021?

Written by Arnaud Gilbert
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