Best 8 Tips and Tricks to Boost Your Mobile App Speed

Have you ever faced slow working of your device? All smartphone users face the same situation despite the long usage of smartphone devices.

When we buy a new smartphone, it works finely. According time it slows down. The reason behind these things is the device’s age and its continuous use. A new phone comes empty for users but during its usage so many apps and files are collected on the device. By passing the time these files are converted into junk files. These junk files are responsible for the slowdown of smartphone devices.

Even though your device is old and slow there are some tricks by using which you can speed up your device. These are simple ways, anyone can easily do it. These tricks help your device to boost up and improve its performance.

If you are facing the same issue and you are in search of tricks, this article is only for you. You will get all the necessary information about device performance improvement and boosting old devices. So let’s start our discussion in detail.

Reboot or Restart Your Smartphone

This is the early step in improving the device. A reboot makes the device off completely by cutting its power supply and then restarts it. It has been found that any electronic device can be boosted by simply cutting its power and then restarting it.

A reboot makes your device background clear by removing all the previously running apps and files. Once you restart your smartphone it can run smoothly for months onwards. For rebooting your device, just press the power button, click on reboot, and wait for a few minutes. It goes off and turns on automatically.

In some old devices the ‘reboot’ option is not given so don’t worry just press the power button and switch off the device after five minutes turn your device on. Now your device is rebooted and it will run smoothly.

On some devices, there is a timer for rebooting. Users can set preferable times for rebooting the device. Android manufacturing companies like Xiaomi, oppo, one plus, Realmi, etc give reboot options to their devices. If you have smartphones from these companies then this trick will serve you greatly.

Check for the System and App Updates

The other reason for the device to slow down is the pending updates of apps. The device always notifies of app updates but sometimes due to slow internet, such updates are not done properly. So, check for it.

Once your all apps are updated fully then it will boost up your smartphone as well. The Android operating system checks updates but requires user permission. Check the updates and enable the automatic updation option for the future.

Just go to google play store and click on settings, go to settings and click on about device, then you will see all the pending updates now just click to update all and wait for some time.

Once your all apps get updated then your device will automatically get the speed and work smoothly.

Clear App Cache

Mobile applications save data every time they are used. Cache files slow down the app performance as they accumulate the storage of apps. Web browsers also save cache data regularly. This data includes the login data, search history, downloads, upload history, etc. This cache can be deleted and storage can be created for your app.

You can clear the cache data individually for every application. It seems difficult to delete every file from the app individually but it effectively boosts app performance. For clearing the cache go to the app. Then tap to app info then click to storage. Now go to app storage and clear the cache. Once the cache clears off then the application runs smoothly on your device.

Do a Factory Reset of Your Device

Factory reset is also a good option for boosting up the smartphone. It helps devices to gain a new life like a new one. Factory reset is the setting of device software to its default position. This option discards all the changes done with the device in the past. It erases all settings, data, and storage memory and gives the device a new life.

Factory reset helps your device to gain its former system capability. As it erases all the data so the device can be refreshed from all its unwanted files and folders.

If you want to reset your device then simply go to settings then go to settings. After that click on the system. The system will show you the reset option, just click on it and then click on factory reset.

After resetting, in some devices, the smartphone goes off and then presses the power button to wake up. Here, your device is ready freshly.

Don’t Use Antivirus Apps

Technically, today Android is capable of handling viruses the device. There is no necessity of using independent antivirus apps for your device. Sometimes such apps cause an extra burden on the device and slow down the application.

Avoiding such apps helps devices to run smoothly. Google play store is good enough to detect and solve virus issues on its own. Some antivirus apps provide other good services like app vault, VPN, etc. If you wish to use these apps then just turn off the antivirus protection of your Google and then install it. Avoiding these apps helps you to boost up your Android phone.

Keep a Simple Home Screen of the Device

Everyone wishes to have the most attractive home screen of a smartphone device. For this purpose users use widgets, live wallpapers, good themes, bright images, dynamic items, etc. These things cause harm to device speed and also drain the maximum battery.

Keeping lightweight home screen wallpaper, widgets, and themes helps devices to run better. You can use the Google system for this purpose, it has so many lightweight wallpaper apps. These wallpapers drain the minimum battery as well as raise the device’s speed.

Always Use Web Apps

Many mobile apps are compact versions of websites. Websites are converted into applications for their convenience of use. Mobile apps consume more storage space along with junk files that do not happen on websites. Websites are accessible directly from browsers like Google chrome. The website doesn’t need any device space so it runs smoothly along with keeping the device speed.

Use web apps to save your device storage and keep your device fresh or new.

Use Lite Versions of Apps

Lite versions of apps are helpful for devices as they make easy use of apps. This version uses less energy and resources from the smartphone device. Every social media app has the lite version, so you can use it for your device without making your device slow.

These apps help your device boost its speed.


It is concluded that all the above-mentioned tricks are useful for boosting your device’s speed. Try out all these tricks and see the speed of your device. Factory reset and reboot options are good for raising the speed of the device. Use these tricks and boost your smartphone device.

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