Tips for local business SEO in 2019

Local Business Tips

Most online businesses are practicing search engine optimization. Local businesses mainly rely on local business SEO to build an online presence and increase their sales and revenue. Here are some tips to optimize your website for local search.

Create Location Page

Location Page

Create a distinct location page on the website and featured it on the main menu bar. Embed Google map with a complete NAP (Name, Address, and Position). It helps potential customers to find your business easily

Add your company to Local Business Directories

List your local business on top local business directories such as yelp etc. many people search in business directories for local business. It is essential for local businesses to get their business listed correctly on top online business directories like Yelp and many other popular directories.

Optimize Title Tags with local keywords

Tital Tag

Title and Descriptions tell a search engine, what type of content a website contains and what offered here. Optimize your title tags with locally used keywords. Pay close attention to local keywords while doing local SEO for a website.

Optimize Google my Business profile

First of all Claim for Google my Business Profile. It is totally free, and you can get incredible exposure if you have optimized your business to show up in Google’s local listings. Frequently update your Google my Business Page, and treat this profile page as other social sites profile. Post Updates, Events and pictures in profile, it will help to grow your business.

Local Link Building

Link Building

Link building for Local is different from link building in General. Here are linked with a lot of local business even niche is not the same but the only place. Getting more quality and juicy links from high authority sites in the same niche are critical in improving page rank high.

The relationship holds a key position in local link building. Get involved in local events and show your interest there. Get local backlinks to a web-page to make it visible on Google’s First Page.

Focus on reviews and Rating

Reviews are one of the most important factors of any online application or blog. Ask properly for reviews to users. 80% people trust reviews and rating before making a purchase from the website. Reviews and rating are driving forces for search engine optimization. So concentrate to get positive reviews on the product page and social profiles.

Written by Arnaud Gilbert
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