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YouTube to mp3 converter basically helps you in extracting the audio files from the YouTube videos which you can see even when you are offline. If you are using the correct tools then you can have access to streaming any YouTube videos, from where you can download them and also save that in any format you like. There are some laws that you must be careful of and YouTube has a stringent policy of copyright. Be careful when you use the tools for converting YouTube to mp3 as there are many malware and bugs.

Some information is below which will guide you with how to use YouTube to mp3 converter and which one is the best for you and your mates.

How does a YouTube converter work?

A YouTube converter works on simple steps which are given below:

  • Obtaining a direct link for the YouTube file is essential.
  • Then the converter tool uses the link to download your file in your desired format.
  • When you convert them just extract the format and remove the video format and thereby produce the mp3 format only.

This is how all the sites convert YouTube videos to mp3. The tool helps you in downloading the files as well as saving them. There is no longer have to wait for the internet connection once the format is changed.

What should you look for on YouTube to mp3 Converters?

The main reason for using converters for YouTube to mp3 is because of personal use. Some professionals are also there who use this YouTube converter occasionally. Always go through the below factors before using the tool.

  • Quality of audio: Check that YouTube to mp3 download file is of high quality. You must have the option where you can choose the quality among low, medium, or high. Check the tools which allow you in downloading YouTube to mp3 320kbp.
  • Considering subtitles: You may wish to download videos in other languages and you are having problems understanding and so you need the subtitle, so keep in mind to use that tool which provides you the option of downloading videos from YouTube with subtitles.
  • Downloading in batch: There are certain times when you are wishing to use the YouTube to mp3 converter for downloading videos in a bulk amount. So the feature for batch downloading will help you in this case. All tools won’t be having these features and so check before using the tools.
  • Speed: The speed must be high to convert YouTube to mp3. Not only for mp3 but other formats. You will not like to waste your time just downloading a single item for a long time. There are many options available and one such option is y2mate.
  • Compatibility with different formats of file: Tools keep mp3 as their default function, but you may wish for a different format like MP4, FLAC, etc. So use that tool that supports this kind of conversion format.

How to convert YouTube to mp3?

How to convert YouTube to mp3

There are a few steps to convert YouTube videos to mp3. The steps are as follows-

  • The infringement of copyright is a crime so before using any tool always check that YouTube videos to mp3 converter is having the authority’s permission.
  • The most important step is to copy the URL from YouTube.
  • After copying the URL, you need to open the YouTube to mp3 converter and paste the URL in the text box present inside the tool.
  • Many tools will have different options for downloading that are different formats for download. Select the format which you need and then convert.
  • Many converters of YouTube to mp3 will ask you about the quality you are downloading.
  • Within a few minutes you will be having the YouTube to mp3 unblocked and after downloading you will no longer require the internet to go through the file. Always keep in mind that you can download files individually or in bulk format.

How to download mp3 from YouTube?

This is the same as downloading the videos from YouTube by using a YouTube to mp3 converter. All you need to do is just copy the URL from YouTube and paste into the tool’s text box and choose the video format you wish. Then click on the download button and be ready to enjoy the file without any kind of internet connection.

Is YouTube to mp3 converter legal?

If a person sees technically then converting YouTube to mp3  is never illegal. However, you must keep in mind downloading a video that is having a copyright is not at all legal. According to YouTube, stream-ripping means violating YouTube’s terms of service but there is no sign of suing from YouTube’s side for this. A few years back YouTube tried using for converting videos to mp3 as they were violating YouTube’s terms of service but later YouTube folded the case and still there is no sign of using any of the YouTube to mp3 converter tools or websites.

What is the best YouTube to mp3 converter?

All a person must look into a YouTube to mp3 converter is an important feature as well as the pros and cons of that converter:


clipgrab - Youtube Mp3 Converter

Clipgrab is said to have a good design which will allow the user to convert YouTube videos to mp3. This site is basically for downloading videos and converting them into mp3 format.

Key features

  • Integrated features for searching is there is this tool for converting YouTube to mp3.
  • Automatic download instead of manual switching.
  • It asks for the type of format a person requires like the MPEG4, WMV, OGG video formats, etc.


  • Monitoring Clipboard which is in-built
  • The interface is simple and clear.
  • YouTube video search.


  • Only 12 results are there for the search.
  • No paid version is there with an additional feature.
  • Not possible in apple products.


No such cost is involved as it offers free service.

Convert and Download YouTube videos using Clipgrab:
  • Open the URL of the YouTube downloader that is on your laptop and hit the install button.
  • Search for a suitable video link.
  • Now you can copy & paste the video link on the video conversion & download bar in Clip grab.
  • Select the download Quality & format as MP3, the quality specifications are low, medium, and high.
  • Your YouTube to MP3 conversion process takes place within a few seconds.
  • Your Youtube video is now successfully downloaded & converted to MP3 format.
  • The YouTube video file gets converted to MP3 and gets saved in your source folder i.e. the download folder.

Airy YouTube Downloader

Airy YouTube Downloader

Airy is most popular for providing super lightweight facilities to use for convert YouTube videos to mp3 on mac. It also featured all-around work when comes to download entire playlists, audios, and private videos. All these features in a single click with a choice of your quality and resolution of audio and video. After copy-pasting the link you find the MP3 files in the folder of your Mac, from there you can see the videos on your Mac gallery.

Key features

  • Airy gives you all kinds of videos in a single click with a super convenient way to use it.
  • It is best and popular to download quick videos.


  • Download HD video in quick time
  • Simple and very lightweight YouTube MP3 downloader
  • It can download the full channels and playlists
  • You can download in the interval as well as in one go


  • Only HD Quality videos can be downloaded
  • You can download only Youtube videos from Airy


It is essential to take a subscription. The price of the subscription is divided into two categories, one is the family pack for 3 PC = $39 and the second is the personal pack for 1 PC = $19.5.

Convert and Download YouTube Videos using Airy YouTube Downloader:
  • Open your web browser on your computer.
  • Open the URL of Airy YouTube Downloader.
  • Download the Airy YouTube Downloader Software, and once its complete download now open the software
  • Search for the desired video link from
  • Now click on the option to copy paste the link and paste it in the download bar of Airy YouTube downloader.
  • Choose your preferred downloading format as MP3.
  • Click the option to download & convert, this not only downloads but also converts the video from YouTube to MP3 format.
  • Now the video successfully gets saved in the source folder i.e. the download folder.

Video grabber

videograbber YouTube to Mp3

Video grabber is one of the YouTube to mp3 converter not only helps you in downloading video from YouTube but also helps to download videos from Facebook, Vevo, TED, etc. So it is having good features and is more advantageous than the other site.

Key features

  • Fast URL analyzing speed.
  • The desktop application, as well as the online platform, is there.
  • Online video streaming function is there.


  • Flexible ways are there for downloading and saving files.
  • Various platforms are there for downloading videos.


  • A subscription to the pro version is essential for converting YouTube to mp3.
  • Slow performances and chances are there for sticking sometimes.


Subscription is essential for getting the pro version to convert YouTube to mp3.

Convert and Download YouTube Videos using Video Grabber:
  • Click on the web browser in your system.
  • Open the link for Video Grabber YouTube downloader.
  • Copy and paste the desired video link on the download bar.
  • Now press the download button.
  • It analyzes the YouTube link and if the analysis is clear it downloads the link.
  • Once the YouTube video is downloaded you can choose different formats to convert the videos such as MP3 and other formats. It downloads the video in MP4 format by default.
  • Click on the convert video option to process YouTube to MP3 conversion.
  • Once the video is successfully converted it is saved in your source folder for use.


apowersoft YouTube to Mp3

Apowersoft is also a good YouTube to mp3 converter. It has the capability of converting any online videos and all a person needs to do is just copy the URL and paste it in the download box and after that pressing the convert button is essential.

Key features

  • Very easy to use.
  • Gesture command is there


  • The root is not essential for this YouTube to mp3 converter.
  • It also supports the recording of the screen. (Missing Cons)


It is free but it is essential to download small launchers before using them.

Convert and Download YouTube Videos using Apowersoft:
  • Choose your web browser and click on it to open.
  • Open the link to the Apowersoft YouTube downloader –
  • No pre-installation is required for this particular type of YouTube downloader.
  • You can just paste the YouTube link on the download bar so that it becomes easy to download.
  • You can choose the desired video quality.
  • Right click to save the videos to the desired folder.
  • Now the YouTube to MP3 videos is ready to be used.


minitool - Youtube Mp3 Converter

MiniTool can come under a list of good YouTube to mp3 converters and it is also without any charge and an easy way to use. Just by pasting the URL and choosing the format of downloading one can download their videos easily. They can choose whether they want the video in HD format or they are looking for mp3 formats.

Key features

  • Multiple formats.
  • Unlimited downloads.
  • The speed is very high.


  • No Ads.
  • Excellent support of the format.
  • There is no bundling of extra software.
  • Simple tools for editing.
  • Downloading playlists.
  • Downloading subtitles.


  • Works with YouTube only


This YouTube to mp3 converter is 100% free.

Convert & Download YouTube Videos using Mini Tool
  • Open any web browser on your laptop.
  • Open the URL of the Mini tool YouTube videos Downloader –
  • Download the Mini tool YouTube Downloader software, and once its full download now open the software
  • Search the desirable video link from YouTube
  • Paste the link in the download bar so that you can download the file with ease.
  • Click the download option to download the video file in the format of your choice.
  • Click on the convert option, this converts the file to the MP3 format.
  • The Video gets converted and downloaded, it gets saved automatically in the source folder.


dvdvideosoft - Youtube Mp3 Converter

This is also a popular platform to download YouTube videos to mp3. There is a regular update so that the user experience is improved. It is not so hard to use and similar to other YouTube to mp3 converters as pasting the URL is essential along with clicking the convert button.

Key Features

  • Can download subtitles.
  • One can stream in different formats.
  • It supports multi-format for downloading and saving.


  • User friendly and so it is easy to use.
  • Good speed of downloading.
  • There is an allowance for bulk downloads.
  • Compatibility is there with Mac, Windows, Android, and others.
  • High-quality video download.


  • The download is available for YouTube only.


It is free but there is also a paid version to get extra features.

Convert and Download YouTube Videos via DVDVideosoft:
  • Open your web browser on your system.
  • Now open your URL of DVDVideosoft and download the YouTube to MP3 converter
  • This YouTube downloader requires pre-installation.
  • Now you can copy-paste the video Url and then click on download.
  • You can pre-decide the downloading format for YouTube videos and download in the desired format.
  • The downloaded file of YouTube to MP3 can be saved in the source folder for your future use.


y2mate - Youtube Mp3 Converter

The functionality is very rich and it is also important to keep in mind that this conversion of YouTube to mp3 is very simple and easy to use. Security is available from viruses as well as malware. The same function of copy and paste the URL and then clicking on the convert option.

Key features

  • This YouTube to mp3 converter supports multi-format.
  • It helps to download from different platforms also like YouTube, Facebook, and a few more.
  • There is no limit to downloading videos.


  • Supports all browsers.
  • User-Friendly interface.
  • Works at a very high speed.
  • A browser extension is available for high-speed downloads.
  • Low time for loading.
  • Different languages are there.


  • Converting big videos will take more time.
  • Sometimes the server can respond late.


This is also a free YouTube to mp3 converter.

Convert and Download YouTube Videos via Y2Mate:
  • Open the URL of Y2 Mate YouTube downloader – .
  • Video links can be pasted on the download bar.
  • The start button helps to begin the conversion process.
  • Video files can be downloaded in multiple formats and select MP3 as the format.
  • Once you click the download option the video will get downloaded in the format selected and the quality chosen.
  • All downloaded videos are saved in the source folder and can be used in the future. This converts YouTube videos to MP3 hassle-free.

YouTubemp3 converter

Youtube Mp3 Converter

This is one of the most accessible converters for YouTube to mp3. The compatibility of this tool is basically with all devices like tablets, computers, and mobile phones.

Key Features

  • Helps in editing the file names for the files which you have converted.
  • MP3 and MP4 formats are available.
  • Ensures that the quality of YouTube video to mp3 is high.


  • Very high download as well as conversion speed.
  • The website is without any toolbar.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Advantageous for personal use.
  • No hidden pop-up is there.


  • There is no option for batch conversion.
  • Videos of more than an hour are not supported.
  • You cannot change the audio file’s quality.


This converter of YouTube video to mp3 is basically without any cost.

Convert and Download YouTube Videos via YouTube to MP3 Converter:
  • Open the URL of YouTube Videos Converter which is
  • Paste the link for downloading the specific video file as per your choice.
  • Paste the video link and click convert to simply convert the file into the desired file.
  • YouTube videos to MP3 file conversion is in process.
  • Now the converted file automatically reflects in your source folder, this is ready to use.


flvto - Youtube Mp3 Converter

This conversion tool of YouTube to mp3  is very easy to handle and have personal uses.

Key features

  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Several special features are there.


  • High definition music can be downloaded.
  • Options for Uploading the tracks in iTunes which are downloaded are available.
  • Unlimited times for download is available.


  • No bandwidth limiter is there.


Free to use.

Convert & Download YouTube Videos via FLVTO:
  • Open a web browser on your computer.
  • Search for FLVTO YouTube downloader or simply visit
  • Make a choice of the video you want to download
  • Paste the link of the video in your downloader bar.
  • Make a selection for the desired format & quality for MP3 conversion.
  • You need to press the convert button for converting the video to the desired format.
  • Now the file can be downloaded after it has been successfully converted.

Conclusion: I hope all these steps and information about YouTube to mp3 converter tools will guide you which is the best for you and will save you time. Converting  YouTube to mp3 online to hear your favorite music later may be the best option as YouTube has a list of all songs. The features and quality of different tools are different. If you are looking for personal use in a limited amount then you can go for the Y2mate or ClipGrab. If you require more sound quality with more features then you can choose from the best YouTube to mp3 converter list given above.

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