Torrent9 is one of the famous ‘torrent’ websites that provide free downloads for games, music files, movies, shows etc. The website is however much widely used in French speaking countries. Also, the interface of the website is also in French. It won’t be less to say that the huge content collection of torrent9 makes it more preferred than other torrent sites. Also, the other features with torrent9 were somewhat better and more wanting than other sites. But the website took out the option of downloading content from its webpage and stated it won’t offer downloads. However, after a few days, it was noticed that the website again stated on its page that the website was under maintenance.

The shutdown was due to increasing concern from the people whose content was being pirated by torrent9.

Torrent9 has been one of the most famous and popular websites for streaming and downloading entertainment content. By the year 2017, the site had to be shut down because the site was associated with illegal activities which involved the piracy of the movies and other content and displayed the same on their website.

Torrent9 Proxy & Mirror Sites List – December 2022 (100+1% Working):

There are certain sites which act as proxy and mirror sites to torrent9, users can visit them to download or stream content.

Here it should be noted that the following websites are also illegal since they serve pirated content as torrent 9, we discourage the use of such sites. However if one wants to understand and explore, here are the sites:

Torrent9 Proxy Sites List
Working France On Very Fast Yes France On Very Fast Yes France On Very Fast Yes
ttps:// Spain On Very Fast Yes United States On Very Fast Yes France On Very Fast Yes United Kingdom On Very Fast Yes Spain On Very Fast Yes United Kingdom On Very Fast Yes United States On Fast Yes United States On Fast Yes United States On Very Slow No United Kingdom On Very Slow No

Why Use Torrent9 Proxy and Mirror Sites?

Torrent9 proxy sites and mirror sites are nothing but access to torrent9 websites. The proxy sites help to access torrent9 websites without the use of a VPN. In fact, if the torrent9 website is blocked in a country the users can access these torrent9 proxy or mirror sites instead. These sites will contain tv shows, documentaries and movies etc.

How to Access or Unblock Torrent9?

There are a few ways which can help in accessing torrent9 or unblocking it to stream the content. Some of them are:-

Through VPN
Through Tor
Through Web based proxy
Through Magnetic Links

Accessing Torrent9 Through VPN:

A VPN service helps to download content anonymously that is your IP address won’t be able to be traced. After the IP address has become hidden, users can safely download their preferred content from the torrent9 website. It is to be noted that VPN is legal in only some parts or areas though it is illegal in others. Thus a user shall check before using VPN just to ensure they don’t invite more trouble.

Accessing Torrent9 Through Tor:

Tor is basically a network that works similar to Browsers. But unlike other browsers, Tor is an anonymous network which is shared by individual computers. It is used to get access to geo-restricted websites (websites that are banned in some geographical areas). Well in order to access torrent9 through Tor one has to type the same in the Tor browser address bar and press enter key.

Accessing Torrent9 Website Through Web Proxy:

A web proxy is a server that acts as a path between a user and the Internet but it Separates the end user from the sites they’ve been browsing or want to browse. Web proxies provide a web filter, which gives a shared network connection and some cache data to fasten requests that are commonly made.

Magnetic links are nothing but links that take the user to the storage where the movies or other content is stored and helps them to download the required content or stream them online. However, the magnetic links are legal in general but if they’re being used up to view or download pirated or other illegal things then surely they are serving illegal purposes. Due to this, there is always a risk of malicious things ending up being downloaded on the user’s PC.

How Can One Download  Movies Through Torrent9?

To download movies through torrent9 one can follow the procedure below. (It should be noted though the site always shows under maintenance notification when one visits to download)

    • A) Users shall visit the website from where they can copy the ‘magnetic link’ available for downloading the movie.
    • B) After that the user shall make an account in seeder to speed up downloading procedure.
    • C) After the account setup user have to paste the magnetic link (which was copied earlier)

Now, the movie will download in the cloud and users can download it from there that too at a faster speed.

Why Can’t Users Access Some Torrent9 Sites?

Sometimes the user can’t access the torrent9 website due to being blocked by Google and the Governments as well. It is no hidden fact that these websites are sharing pirated content which is clearly an illegal activity and thus these websites are geo-restricted thus access to them is unlikely. But since there are proxy and mirror sites, also there are certain ways which let’s a user access torrent9 otherwise are of great help. But since it is illegal we don’t support usage of the website, otherwise if one wants to explore and increase knowledge they can check out the different options listed already.

How Can I Avoid Installing Potentially Unwanted Applications?

    • Settings: users shall go to settings and there search and click on ‘security’, then go to unknown sources and finally uncheck ‘allow installation’ from unknown sources. This will help the user to avoid potential apps from the download.
    • Rogue Apps: Rogue apps access the user data and use it according to their own. Such apps automatically get downloaded on their own; in fact, the user might even not know about them. But such Apps have the potential to harm the user’s device. So in order to uninstall such malicious apps, one can visit ‘settings’ then go to ‘apps’ and then ‘all’. If there are any apps, users shall immediately uninstall them.
    • Google Play Store: The user shall visit the Google Play Store. On the left side top corner, there is a ‘three lines’ option, users shall click on it and select ‘settings ‘. From there they can uncheck the ‘automatic updates option.

Top Torrent9 Website Alternatives:

Torrent9 Alternatives


Torrentz2 website was also one of the websites that provided entertainment content. ‘ Website Was’ because it has been shut down in the year 2020 by the EURid registry. It used to be very famous for the content is displayed and for torrenting and its file sharing space. It is interesting to note that this website has even functioned as the search engine for various data across the net.


Putlocker is among the most famous websites used as streaming portals. Around 100 Million pages are generated in putlocker every day in the US. The streaming is absolutely free.

The website: The home is mostly blank with a search bar in the top centre. But upon scrolling down the page users can find different Genres ( action, animation, fantasy, horror, musical, and romance), different countries (France, Korea, China, International, United Kingdom, United States). Just below are paragraphs about the Putlocker website and its services.


Tamilrockers is another favorite for users who are searching for good content to stream or download.

The website: the website is dark themed and well organized. On the right top corners are categories like homepage, Tamilrockers, country, years, genres, TV, request. Below is the search bar. And below the search bar is A to Z listed. Also, there are movies displayed to choose from.


RDxHD is yet another famous website which is now gathering a lot of crowd for streaming movies and tv shows etc online. It also offers options for downloading the content.

The website: Special about this website is that they offer HD quality and have different options from genres to languages such as Hollywood, Bollywood, south Indian dubbed movies and tv shows, series, documentaries etc in different languages including certain regional languages as well.


1337x is a website that provides entertaining content free of cost. But since it serves pirated content, it is illegal. Not only this but every source or website the offers such content involving piracy are illegal.

The website: The website uses magnetic links for transferring the data and is a library of magnetic links which leads the user to cloud storage from where they can easily access the content. In addition to movies and television shows the website offers games, certain software, and music.

The Pirate Bay:

The pirate Bay website is a library of content but since it serves pirated content it is an illegal website. Users shall avoid all such websites which serve pirated content but if they are willing to explore for that purpose they can visit the website.

The website: The content is available in 35 languages but it primarily uses Swedish and English language. Registration on the website is not necessary, but users can register to keep updated. The users can access content with help of magnetic links.


EZTV was a site for entertainment that provided its users with free online streaming. But it was shut down in 2015. But the users can access the website with the help of proxy and mirror websites available such as,, etc.


Soap2day is a website which provides a huge entertainment content collection. It is a free website to stream movies and other content online. The quality they offer in HD.

The website: The home page of the website has a very calm and soothing color combination of white and pastel green. On the right top corner are a “menu” option that displays options like ” genres, by year, movies, series, and top watched” which makes it easier to understand the categorization of content. Just below the menu option is an option with two down arrows which shows ” latest updates and contact us . Also the search bar ” is just below them.

On the left top corner is the “sign up” option for users who want to keep updated with the website. Apart from this on the home page itself, there are a lot of options to watch movies from.


Fmovies website provides content like movies, TV series, Top IMDB content, etc. Online streaming is available for free on the website.

It has a dark theme on the home page. The top right corner displays options like home, genre, country, movies, TV series, top IMDB and A -Z list. Just below which is the search bar. Apart from these, there are a number of movies on the home page itself that represents different genres. Just below the movies are the latest tv series such as ‘The Nevres’, The Bullwinkle show etc.


Gomovies is a website that offers movies and TV shows. You can stream the available content on the website for free. The website claims that Gomovies keeps their content updated with the latest releases as they’re the number one site for online streaming. Also the website is working on sharing regional movies and content to make their site more engaging.

The website: The website has a clean interface making it easier for users to acquire content. The color combination is also decent with light violet and blue combination. In the top left corner is the menu option ( square with three lines ) which represents the categories of movies and TV shows. On the right top corner and in the center both are search bar options to search the content. What’s different here on the website is that there is no content displayed on home page.

Solarmovies :

Solarmovies is the website for easy streaming of entertainment content such as movies, TV series, top IMDB contents based upon different countries, genres and cinematic experiences.

The website: The official solar movies website has a very clear interface. As the name is, the color combination displayed is orange and light peach with texts in dark. On the top left corner is the menu option. The menu option has a huge categorization. Categories include genres, country, movies, TV series, top IMDB, cinema, anime. From 27 different types of genres such as action, comedy, drama, horror, adventure, costume, kungfu, psychological, Xmas, western, war, etc to different countries such as China, India, Euro, France, Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand etc. There are two search options one is on the top right corner and right in the middle of the home page. In order to view the entire content user can click on the tab ” Access all movies and TV shows. Click here “


Vummo official website is the library to a lot of content. With Movies to tv shows in different genres and release years.

The website: the website is the most interesting as of all others. The home page itself is well organized. There is no such color combination as the website is light themed. With different categorizations in the top center displaying movies, TV shows, genres, and releases years. Below is the search bar. The home page features a lot of movies as a display to choose from with ‘ featured movies’, ‘Movies’, ‘TV shows’, ‘seasons ‘, ‘ ‘episodes’, etc.

Torrent9 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Ans. The new address for torrent9 is Apart from this users can unblock torrent9 or use VPN etc to access old torrent9 addresses.
Ans. Yes, torrent9 is safe for users. But it is advised to not use proxy or mirror sites as they may ask for sensitive details like card details etc.
Ans. Torrenting is legal until it is possible not providing copyrighted content with ought permission. Else the user can safely access the website.
Ans. The real address for torrent9 is :
Ans. Yes torrent9 is free however some proxy or mirror sites might ask for a payment, but users shall opt for another option as their sensitive information might be at risk.
Ans. Users don't have to register necessarily but sometimes they might be asked to do so.

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