Torrent sites have long been facing the wrath of government bans all across the world. We are always searching for new sites that have somehow escaped the government radar for unlimited access to movies and tv shows. However, we also need to keep the security of our device in mind, as unauthorized torrent sites may be the source of viruses. Yggtorrent, one of the leading BitTorrent tracker sites in the world right now, offers you both security and access to an ever-expanding list of content! A French website, ygg torrent, was launched in July 2017 to be the then most popular site in France.

Ygg Torrent site has since witnessed an ever-increasing number of subscribers reaching a number as high as 3 million in subscriber count along with around 5 million daily visitors. We will get into all the details regarding how you can download content from this site and what to do if your computer shows the message yggtorrent down. And how to access yggtorrent proxy sites. The most important information that you first need is where you can find the yggtorrent official site.

All torrent sites are forced to change domains due to sudden bans by the country frequently. Yggtorrent site is no exception. After many sudden domain changes, currently ygg torrent has found its home at https://www2.yggtorrent.se. You can visit this link for the new address to embark on your yggtorrent experience!

How to Download on Yggtorrent?

Suppose you have visited the yggtorrent site and been confused about the process of downloading; no need to worry. We will walk you through the entire process. First, you need to understand that yggtorrent is not a simple download site from where you can get unlimited access to content as a user of the internet. Yggtorrent is a BitTorrent tracker site, and it works on P2P or peer-to-peer sharing. Bittorrent tracker sites are either private, semi-private, or public. Ygg torrent site is a private host, so you have to create an account to access the content. When you have created an account, you will receive a 1 – This ratio means that you are eligible to download content with a maximum size of 15GB. Now you are free to download anything you like, at a 15GB limit.

However, once your ratio dips below the given 15, you will no longer be able to download content. What needs to be done to higher this ratio is to share content that you own worth 15GB or more with the members using the platform. We will explain this further, but first, let us provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to get started with the ygg torrent:

  • Step 1 – To create an account at the yggtorrent site, first, you need to visit Yggtorrent.co
  • Step 2 – Follow the step-by-step instructions on the page and register your account.
  • Step 3 – After you are done filling up the registration form, you will receive a confirmation email to the email address. To check and confirm your account, you must click on the link provided in the email.
  • Step 4 – Once verified, you can log in to your account with the necessary credentials you created during registration.
  • Step 5 – As stated above, you will now receive a ratio of 1 and are free to access any content you like having a size of no more than 15GB.

So there you have it. Yes, It is that easy!

How Does the Ratio System on Ygg Torrent Work?

Ygg torrent is a private site, similar to the likes of a BitTorrent tracking website. When you visit the yggtorrent official site, you will find a catalog of movies, websites, video games or ebooks, anything you want to download. How the website works is by allowing sharing and downloading of content only among the registered members. To download anything, you need to maintain a ratio of 1. This means that if you download, say, 20 GB of content, you are required to share 20 GB yourself to the community; otherwise, you cannot download anymore. As we saw earlier, when you first register to the website, you already receive 15GB and a ratio of 1.

This means that you can download the first 15GB of content for free the website acknowledges its new users with this lovely gesture. However, you must understand the importance of giving back – you must upload 15GB worth of content to keep your ratio steady at 1.

Do we know the following question in your mind is how to increase this ratio? Let us answer your query. The only way to increase your percentage and simultaneously get access to larger or more files for download is by sharing content on the platform. Let us get acquainted with some terminologies – when you share content, you are a seeder, and when you download, you are a leecher. The more content you seed, the more you will be able to leech. It is a shared community of users. It is also essential to know that when one particular content is seeded multiple times, i.e., shared by various users, the download process for that specific content becomes faster.

If you think that the process of seeding content on ygg torrent is some complicated matter, let us put your mind at peace. Whenever you download a torrent, you must be aware that you download it through BitTorrent client software like µTorrent or BitTorrent, or qBittorrent. When you proceed to download a torrent from the ygg torrent site, what happens is that the owner of that torrent sends it from his BitTorrent client software to yours. So now you can download the file, and automatically you become the owner of the torrent as well. All you need to do to make sure the file continues seeding is to leave the software open and the file in its original location! Well, that is all you need to do in order to become a seeder and to be active on the platform.

There is another way to increase your ratio by uploading a file from your computer directly to the ygg torrent website. Be careful to share a file that has not been shared before, as that is the best chance to increase your ratio. To be sure, just do a quick search on the website, checking whether the file you are about to share already exists on the website or not!

These are the ways you can increase your ratio (in a healthy way) on the yggtorrent site. As you can understand, the main driving force of the website is sharing content among users, building a shared community of users and content.

Yggtorrent down? Here’s What To Do

Yggtorrent has rapidly become one of the most successful websites for downloading and sharing high-quality content. However, due to government action by countries worldwide, you may find the official site of yggtorrent down in your country. Unfortunately, there are few ways to bypass and unblock yggtorrent. You can always choose a VPN (Virtual Private Network) provider that allows you to connect to the server of another country where the site is not blocked. However, VPN is a paid service – as an alternative, you can access the site through a list of yggtorrent proxy or mirror sites. Here is the complete list of yggtorrent proxy sites :

S. No.
Yggtorrent Proxy
1 www4.yggtorrent.li Online Yes Very Fast
2 yggtorrent.li Online Yes Very Fast
3 www2.yggtorrent.ch Offline Yes Fast
4 www.yggtorrent.ch Offline Yes Fast
5 ygg.to Offline Yes Fast
6 www.yggtorrent.gg Offline Yes Fast
7 yggtorrent.to Offline Yes Average
8 yggtorrent.is Offline Yes Average
9 www2.yggtorrent.se Offline Yes Average
10 www.yggtorrent.pe Offline Yes Average

These are official yggtorrent proxy sites to help you out if your isp is blocked and you find yggtorrent down! Be aware of any unofficial sites outside of this list.

Yggtorrent Alternatives

Yggtorrent is undoubtedly one of the most unique and handy sites for downloading and accessing content across the globe. However, in case you cannot access any of the above proxy sites, and your country announces a ban on any and everything yggtorrent, here are some alternative sites that you can visit:

Zone Telechargement

All of these are French sites working on a similar model as yggtorrent. You may check them out in case you cannot access yggtorrent new address or yggtorrent proxy sites.
So there you have it.

Ygg Torrent: An Overview

Ygg torrent’s success lies simply in the assurance of receiving quality content from around the globe. The users who register themselves are guaranteed free unlimited access to any and every content of their choice, the only condition being that they too, in turn, have to provide content to the community. As you can see from our article, registering yourself on the yggtorrent official website and getting started on your journey is extremely easy – you do not need to be a computer master to do this.

Similarly, downloading torrents from the site is smooth and fast. They rely on their multiple seeders to make the download process of the contents as fast as possible. Ygg torrent is a global community where you not only receive but also give feedback to those who are in need of some help. The entire website is built on this motto of sharing and receiving. You simply need to have BitTorrent client software installed on your computer to become a member of this ever-growing platform! The site is even kind enough to offer you a completely free download limit of 15 GB on your first registration – it cannot be more apparent that this is the torrent experience you have been waiting for.

Torrent sites globally face sudden shutdowns and bans – ygg torrent tries its best to keep you provided with lists of its proxy sites so that you can find a way to access your account. The days of paid streaming sites have also made the job difficult for sites like ygg torrent to keep up and running – yet even in these difficult times, yggtorrent site has managed to keep its subscriber list expanding. This attests to the quality of the experience you receive on this site.

Ygg Torrent: The Outlook

There may be heated debates regarding the legality of this site. However, the movies, shows, web series, anime and books should be accessible to all – art cannot be the capital of a few. Ygg torrent and similar sites do the job of democratizing art and making it accessible for all. So while they may not be legal, they are well accepted by people across the globe. Additionally, all streaming platforms have limits to what they can stream –but at ygg torrent, all you need is a sharer kind enough to share his content on the forum, making it available for download to all. So if you are looking for unlimited access to supreme quality content, sites like ygg torrent are your best bang for the buck!

So do not feel disheartened if you ever feel like you are missing out on the hype created by a new movie or a show. It is also good to remember that VPN costs are almost always much less than that of streaming sites. You can always opt for a low-cost VPN service and enjoy the facilities of ygg torrent if you cannot access any ygg torrent proxy sites or the ygg torrent new address for the official site.

Opting for a low-cost VPN to bypass the block on your isp and access the yggtorrent site is still a cheaper option than spending dollars on streaming sites for limited content! Yggtorrent and its alternative sites have faced difficulties. Still, they have never announced a complete shutdown – the internet and the community is what keeps them alive. Despite stringent government actions, people’s love for good quality content ensures the thriving of these sites now and in the future. As long as the internet remains and the global shared community of art enthusiasts thrives, so will sites.

Concluding Note:

That’s all! We hope this article helped provide a comprehensive guide to everything that you needed to know about yggtorrent. Suppose you wish to be at the receiving end of high-quality content. In that case, all you need to do is follow the steps we provided here and join a community where you will receive and be a sharer, ensuring the thriving of the platform. We are hopeful that this article has been able to sketch out the technical aspects and the social and community aspects that sites like these offer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yggtorrent, BitTorrent tracker working on P2P sharing is entirely safe. All that is left is to create an account and maintain a ratio of 1 to enjoy unlimited access to movies and shows!
All you need to do to create a yggtorrent account is visit the website first and register. Then you will receive a link in your email id asking you to validate your account. Once you validate your own account, you may log in with your credentials and embark on the yggtorrent experience!
You can increase your ratio on yggtorrent in two ways. First, you can become a seeder; you can share the content you download so that multiple other people can access it. This will increase your ratio. Also, you can directly upload content from your pc to the site to boost your ratio! You will receive a ratio of 1 when you first register – be sure to keep sharing and uploading to maintain and increase this ratio.

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