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Mobile App Developer, According to the recent news, Android devices will now stretch for 50% of the worldwide smartphone market, building it the world’s topmost widespread mobile platform. The time when Android technology was announced in 2007, it was a reserved 5th in all available mobile platforms -the following Apple’s iOS, Blackberry (RIM), the well-known Windows Mobile, and Symbian. With thousands of Android devices in practice, and an unbelievable 500,000+ Android devices triggered daily, the reputation of the Android applications is increasing epidemically, and with that, the demand for the Android application developers is also increasing day by day.

IT recruiters are broadcasting extraordinary demand for hiring brilliant programmers with Android app development training. With all boundless breaks, getting learning about Android application development is not that easy. Especially, for those who are non-programmers, there are numerous phases in the ongoing process, even though the skillful programmers also have a lot to learn at the time of embracing Android. If a user is engrossed in mounting new and advanced applications for the globes number one mobile application platform. Here are the six steps to becoming a successful Android application developer.

Grab the Tools like Java, Android SDK, Eclipse + ADT Plugin

The Android app development is easily done on a PC, Mac, or Linux machine. The good news is that the required tools you need to develop the Android applications are absolutely free. All you need to do is download or install the up-to-date version of Java SE from the Oracle website. After that, you can take hold of the Android SDK (Software Development Kit) from the Android Developers website. The Software Development Kit contains the Android libraries having codes, Android’s emulator, and also a few valuable command-line attributes for the Android app development.

Eclipse is a well-known mobile development platform by choice for the Android developers, as it is best observed to get in sync with the Android Software Development Kit, and that too is of free. Eclipse is quite an influential text editor offering a long range of features on which mobile developers can depend on, containing highlighting the syntax, API, and text to speech documentation along with package organization. Now, if we go back to the Android app Developers site for the Android Development Tools plugin. By using ADT with Eclipse helps make and create Android applications much easier with features like the UI editor and specifically the Android debugger.

Learn the Java Programming Language

A great number of Android applications are written in Java whereas, some are written in C++. A robust command of Java is vital for the Android application and its development. Android easily utilizes Java and its object-based programming model. Actually, in object-focused programming, the features of the comprised program are fragmented into parts that imitate real-world objects. For instance, while experiencing the Android video game, the character of the player, and the combatant enemy would be objects individually.

Understand the Android Application Life-cycle

If you have written desktop or web applications before, it’s critical to understand that writing apps for mobile devices are a completely different experience. Getting in touch with a desktop application, the operating system itself manages other applications and their priorities. In the Android app, it’s totally up to you that how you code the application to grip external events. For instance, what exactly your mobile application does if the phone starts to ring right in the middle of a resource-consuming animation? How your application can react with the receipt of the text message? If you understand the Android application life-cycle, it will surely enable you to produce applications that will play nice with other users and will provide the users with the state of the art experience.

Learn the Android API

While Android applications are being written in the Java-based programming language, the Android API and its interface add up altogether with the new packages to the command-set. The Android packages and its group of classes will let you write the code that controls everything beginning from the camera on-board and the audio recording feature, ending to the Bluetooth functionality, the Wi-Fi access, and much more. As soon as you have a solid command of these sets, you will be capable to implement the hardware and its features of Android devices in your mobile applications.
Write your first Android Application!

Writing and executing your very first Android App completely might be a little daunting, but on the other side, its process will be much easier and more pleasant if the topic of your interest is chosen. What you can do is write the application in various iterations, along with the elementary features and increasing its competences with each and every phase.

Then you can debug and can test it carefully along the attribute to make sure that application is working in all profound situations. Then testing needs to be implemented in a genuine Android device as well as in the competition.

Distribute Your Android App

Android Applications can be easily circulated by the certified Android Market, also through your own website, or maybe also by a third party website, likewise and the AppStore for Android. To disperse the application via the official Android market, by any cause you must register as an authorized Android developer. On the contrary, Apple’s App Store, Google’s standards for application approval are properly lax.

Android Development is a puzzling type of programming. Though, the individual and monetary prizes can be huge. You should always know that the career path of a programmer contains a lifespan of the learning process, and learning to be a successful Android application development is a part of the lifelong expedition.


As a mobile app developer, you might come across to work alone. Maybe because several projects are not great enough to have more human traffic into it. Many of the people will like it but what I propose is at least try to involve in good development teams. Actually, it’s more fun and happening this way, and on the higher note, you will learn much more by getting into the project.

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