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Story for 24 hrs is the best feature of Instagram but when a user sets its story in his profile than who will see it will be instantly privy to the user. If you don’t want to appear as a viewer then SmiHub can help you. It also helps you to get access to private profiles. It offers an absolute incognito feature for spying on any Instagram profile. It also helps to download the videos and stories from the open and locked profiles.

After going through this article, you will be well considerate about the features of SmiHub and smihub alternatives, just stick to this article!!

The SmiHub Best Features

Major key features are listed below:

    • It offers the facility to anonymously see Instagram stories.
    • One can easily download stories, photos, and videos.
    • One will have the facility to get a detailed view of comments, followers, and likes.
    • It can help to watch the accounts of Instagram anonymously.
    • It is available free of cost.
    • It is a clean and buffer-free tool.

How to Download Instagram Videos or Stories from Smihub?

How to Download Instagram Videos or Stories from Smihub

For downloading Instagram stories or videos, consider the certain steps mentioned below:

    • Initially, open your browser.
    • In the search bar, search for the smihub and open the site.
    • Just enter the account which from where you want to download the content.
    • Now, choose the content to download.
    • Click on the icon “Download”.
    • The download will be initiated automatically.

How Does Smihub Work?

Smihub is an Instagram viewer tool that helps the users to track all the details like followers, comments, and viewers. This is the best interface to see the locked profile and download their posts and stories. Just visit the site using the browser. Add the profile username in the respective field and click on the icon “Search”. You will get all the necessary details about the profile.

After that, you can easily watch and download the videos, reels, and stories of the searched profile without disclosing your identity.

Why Use Smihub?

Smihub is a free Instagram story viewer. It allows you to see Instagram profiles anonymously. It also provides the facility to download stories, photos, videos, and many more. It provides a detailed view of your profile and shows details like followers, likes, comments, and insights. It is a very clean and lag-free tool to increase Instagram followers.

Alternative Sites of Smihub 100% Working

Best Smihub Alternatives

Some of the best Smihub alternatives with their features are mentioned below:

Qoob Stories

Qoob Stories is the best & powerful alternative to Smihub and it is known to be the best story viewer for Instagram. One can view photos, stories, and videos from private and public Instagram accounts. One can also download photos, stories, and reels in high quality with metadata using Qoob Stories without disclosing the identity. One can also automate the stories downloading process of a particular account using a computer or mobile. It has different packages that vary with the price i.e. Free Starter plan, Personal plan costs you $7/month and Professional plan costs you $25/month.


    • Private and public accounts can be accessed.
    • High-quality reels, photos, and videos can be downloaded with metadata.
    • Automated download facility.
    • Caption saving facility.
    • Advanced download & sorting features.


Cocospy is the best alternative to SmiHub and is available in the mobile application form. It helps to get details of private and public Instagram profiles. One can view all posts, stories, and videos using this website. It works in stealth mode. The original user of the searched profile will not be notified of being spied on. It can be used to spy on other social media applications. It can display followers, views, reels, stories, and posts. This application can be installed without rooting the mobile. The base price for Android devices is 39.99/month and for iOS devices is 99.99/month.


    • The app is suitable for Android & iOS devices.
    • It helps to see the contact list on Instagram.
    • Messages i.e. sent & received can be monitored using this tool.
    • Download & view of posts, videos, and reels from an Instagram profile can be performed.
    • One can spy on the Plethora of social media apps.


mSpy is the best alternative to SmiHub for phone tracking and monitoring tool. It helps the parents to track and monitor their doings on Instagram. One can view and download photos, videos, reels, and stories using this website. It also helps to track the current GPS location of Instagram users. It can track 25+ social media applications. It costs you around $48.99, $27.99, and $11.66 for 1 month, 3 months, and 12 months respectively. Also, a demo version is available for trial.


    • Track current GPS location.
    • It can spy on messages, followers, likes, and comments.
    • One can also download the posts, stories, and posts.
    • It also supports stealth mode.
    • It can block the sites and apps.


Hoverwatch is the best alternative to SmiHub. One can track all the details of private & public Instagram profiles. It can help you to download & view the posts, reels, and videos from the searched Instagram profile. It can track GPS, WiFi, and cell phone towers. It can be called the best social media monitoring application. It can also track the Geolocation of the device. It costs you around $49.99, $27.99, and $11.66 for 1 month, 3 months, and 12 months respectively.


    • Track Social Media Applications.
    • Track Geographical location.
    • Track calls and messages.
    • Download high-quality videos, photos, reels, and stories.
    • Tracking of followers can be done.


Glassagram is another alternative to Smihub. It helps the users to see any account on Instagram (Private or Public) from inside without disclosing their identity. One can see the posts, followers, messages, and stories. It can track all the necessary details of the Instagram account. GPS location can be tracked using this website. It costs you $59.99 & $159.99 for 1 month & 1 year respectively.


    • Hidden stories can be watched.
    • Track sent and received messages.
    • Track video, photos, posts, and stories.
    • It can monitor Instagram profiles.
    • GPS location can be tracked.
    • Easy to use the site.


It is another best alternative to SmiHub which is also called the phone monitoring application. It also helps the users to spy on their Instagram profiles anonymously. It also helps the users to get a detailed view of their Instagram profile. It also helps the users to download the photos, reels, and stories in high quality from private or public accounts. It can be considered the best platform to get children away from bad elements.


    • Instagram Chat Viewer.
    • Content Downloading.
    • Access locked Instagram profile.
    • Location finder.
    • Geofencing Alert.
    • Keylogger.
    • Screen recorder.


Picuki is another best alternative to Smihub. It is known to be an Instagram Story Viewer but it helps to spy on the Instagram profile without disclosing the real identity of the spy. It instantly gains access to a private account and provides all its insights for marketing purposes. It also helps to download content loaded in the respective Instagram profile. It can also reflect some deleted posts or stories on the Instagram account. It is a free website to use.


    • View stories anonymously.
    • Download videos, stories, and posts in high quality.
    • Superfast and User-friendly website.
    • Free availability.
    • Access deleted posts and stories.


Ingramer is another best alternative to Smihub. It has all the tools to get a detailed view of both public and private Instagram profiles. It can be considered to be the best tool for Instagram marketing. It is typically an Instagram story viewer but one can see posts, reels, and photos.

It also helps to download photos and reels from Instagram profiles. It can be used for entertainment and marketing purposes. It can be used to get a loyal customer base and interact with clients using direct messages and chatbots. It costs you $37/account, $57/account, and $144/account for 2 weeks, 1 month, and 3 months respectively.


    • Instant content download facility in high quality.
    • Scheduled posting and downloading.
    • Quick story viewer facility.
    • Spy Instagram profile anonymously.
    • Hashtags generation facility.


InstaDP is the simplest alternative to Smihub offering the same facility as it. It can download stories, posts, reels, and videos from private or public Instagram profiles. You need to open the browser and enter the username of the Instagram profile in the respective field. It can help the users to get the desired information about the locked Instagram profile. This is a user-friendly website and free to use.


    • User-Friendly website.
    • Anonymously watch posts, reels, and stories.
    • Free availability.
    • Download facility in high quality available.
    • Registration is not required.
    • Spy Locked Instagram profile.

Stories IG

Stories IG is the best alternative to SmiHub. It is one of the interactive and fast story viewers who prioritize minimalism. Just visit the site and enter the username of the private or public account which you want to see its details. You can see the details like followers, likes, comments, reels, and many more. It is available free of cost. You can also download photos, videos, posts, and stories of the Instagram account using this website.


    • Content download facility in High quality.
    • Spy Instagram profile without disclosing identity.
    • Posts, stories, photos, and videos can be downloaded.
    • Availability is free of cost.
    • Best UI interface for smooth working.


StoriesDown is one of the alternatives to Smihub. It provides an instant story viewing facility. It can download the stories, movies, photos, and videos in high quality for users. It can help the users to spy on the Instagram users. Just visit the site and enter the username of the Instagram profile and search for vital information like followers, insights, likes, comments, etc. It is available free for users.


    • Story viewing without disclosing identity.
    • Content downloading facility.
    • Registration is not required.
    • Spy Locked Instagram profile.
    • Free availability.

SmiHub Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Can I use a photo downloaded using SmiHub?

Ans. Yes, you can use a downloaded photo from SmiHub.

Ans. Yes, you can easily download photos using SmiHub from Instagram, just browse the official website and enter the username of the Instagram profile. Select the “Search” icon and the searched profile with profile picture will be reflected on the screen, just click on it. Then choose any photo from the profile to download. You will be able to download the image in High-quality.

Ans. Smi Hub site is provided free to the users. Just enter its URL into the search bar of the browser and start using the Smi Hub website to download stories & videos from Instagram profiles.

Ans. It is not a matter that it is free to use. People use this website as a tool to download stories, reels, and posts from other Instagram profiles in High Quality. There is no download limit. It can be used without registering yourself which means it does not reveal your identity while searching for a profile. It has many alternatives too.

Ans. It offers the facility to analyze the Instagram account anonymously. One can see the account details i.e. views, followers, and comments.

Ans. Definitely, you can save videos from Instagram using SmiHub, just open the official website in the browser. On the home page, add the username of the person’s Instagram profile. Click on the Search button. Just click on the searched profile. Get that video and click to download it. You can download the video in desired video quality.

Ans. Yes, you can use a private insta story using SmiHub.

Ans. It is available free to the users. No, the amount is needed to view the locked profile and download movies, reels, and stories.

Ans. There is no dissimilarity between Dumper & Smihub. Dumper is the new name of Smihub and likewise, all the facilities, features, and offerings are similar and both the sites are legal and safe to use.

Ans. Yes, SmiHub is a legal website and does not result in a scam. It will not disclose your identity and does not track the IP address of your system. It does not lead to financial risks or ethical issues.

Ans. The time duration of the story is 15 seconds. The long-duration stories are broken down into different stories.

Ans. Yes, one can see the Instagram stories anonymously by using “Airplane Mode” on your mobile device without using any Story Viewer. But, you don’t have the facility to download and accessing Instagram profile without disclosing your identity.

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