StoriesIG is a browser-based utility that provides a comprehensive solution to a problem people have been facing for years: how can you view somebody’s Instagram stories without them finding out? Instead of using fake accounts, you can now see any posts a profile has made for the last 24 hours with StoriesIG.

The best part about this app is that since StoriesIG doesn’t require you to log into an Instagram account yourself, the owner of the profile you’re viewing won’t ever find out!

Storiesig also comes with a download feature that lets you download Instagram stories as you want. If you see a video or a photo you like, use the app’s download feature to save it to the device.

How Does StoriesIG Work?

The browser-based app storiesif allows you to gain insights into Instagram profiles through an Instagram Story Viewer service. That means you can use this app to view stories and posts made by an Instagram profile without having to log into your own. It provides the anonymity many people look for when using Instagram.

Believe it or not, it’s also your best bet for keeping an eye on corporate rivals. This app can easily be used to monitor competitors’ marketing campaigns so you can do it better!

Stories IG: How to View and Download Instagram Stories?

Instagram stories are a window into the lives of our friends, families, exes, and even our crushes, letting us see what they’ve been up to. There’s a slight disadvantage to viewing them, though: the profile owner can see everybody who’s considered their story. That means if you’re checking up on that hot ex, they will have a smug grin on their face knowing you’re not over them.

That’s where storiesih comes in. As one of the most famous Instagram story viewers today, this utility lets you view any stories made by a profile in the last 24 hours. You can also download them using the app’s download feature: just click on a story and download it using the three vertical dots you’ll find in the bottom left corner.

However, it’s worth noting that you might sometimes get an error message. We got that too, and it seems to be normal. Just refresh the app and keep using it!

How Can You Use StoriesIG?

From what we saw, storiesig com was very easy to work with, even more so than the other Instagram Story Downloaders. We’re not here to ask why you want one, so we’re going to go ahead and show you the steps to use Stories IG:

    • Head to the official StoriesIG sites like
    • Once you see the search box in the middle, enter the profile name you want to view.
    • Pick the correct profile from the displayed list. Remember that this requires you to already know the profile picture of the person you want to peep on!

Like several other Instagram story viewers, storiesih also has a feature to let you download the stories you view using the app. That’s excellent news since this app only lets you view posts made in the last 24 hours.

To download a post or story, use the following steps:

    • Find the account you want by navigating to the user’s profile and tapping on the right story.
    • To download, click the three vertical dots at the bottom left corner of the story, right beside the fullscreen option.

Best Alternatives to StoriesIG

Best Alternatives to StoriesIG

While storiesig net is a great Instagram story viewer, it does come with a couple of drawbacks. The most noticeable is that you can only view stories posted by a profile within the last 24 hours. That’s quite a significant drawback and one that we saw many users didn’t like. Besides that, it often shows error messages, so you might be looking for an alternative.
To help you out, we’ve assembled a complete list of the best storiesig alternative options, starting off with:


Picuki has quickly risen in popularity as an Instagram story viewer that provides flawless and efficient service. Doing everything the average app lets you, you can view a profile’s stories, posts, and comments using Picuki. You can also download them using the app’s in-built download feature or check out popular hashtags.


    • Downloads at original source quality.
    • Safe-to-use platform with no lasting legal ramifications.
    • Quick and easy to use without any fuss.
    • Completely free to use.

StoryInsta is another alternative to storiesig aimed at a crowd that wants more features in their Instagram story viewer. Besides Light mode and Dark mode options that we liked, this app’s really simple to use: enter the Instagram username you want, choose the right profile, and view their stories for the last 24 hours!


    • Very easy-to-use browser-based app.
    • No registration is required and is free.
    • See stories in enlarged, high-quality format for extra detail.
    • Download and view stories entirely anonymously.


StoriesDown is actually quite similar to storiesif in design. It lets you view Instagram stories free of cost, anonymously, and even download them to your device for no extra charge. However, it’s even more detailed, showing you likes, comments, followers, and other vital information about the profile you’re checking out.


    • Safe to use since it doesn’t store your data.
    • You don’t need to sign up or make an account.
    • You can download stories, posts, and reels.
    • Free to use site that doesn’t charge a penny.
    • Gives you essential information about a profile.


InstaStories is a particularly excellent storiesig alternative. In fact, if you listen to the common opinion, it might be better, as InstaStories is one of the fastest and most reliable Instagram story viewers. On the good side, this app lets you view both posts and stories, while on the bad, you can’t download them.


    • Quickly loads Instagram posts and stories without lag.
    • Doesn’t have too many annoying ads.
    • Great user interface easily navigable from the get-go.
      No captchas to deal with.
    • Free to use app.


Often called the best Instagram story viewer, Dumpor stands out as one of the best choices. This app doesn’t just let you take a quick peek at somebody’s stories: you can see both stories and posts and even download them if you want. It also enables you to check out posts related to specific hashtags, a feature we loved very much.


    • Shows you accounts related to your searches.
    • Lets you see Instagram posts as well as stories.
    • Easy to use app for both viewing and downloading posts.
    • Completely free to use.


Dumpor’s excellent, but we don’t think an Instagram story viewer can be better than smihub. It lets you quickly check somebody’s profile, stories, reels, free of cost, and even story highlights. If that wasn’t enough, once you view a profile, it saves it in your cookies as a favorite so you can easily get back to it.


    • Shows you Instagram Story highlights.
    • Displays stories in an easy-to-see vertical view instead of side to side.
    • The Full-Size section offers you an enlarged version of the profile picture.
    • No payment is required for use.


This app comes with several features that StoriesIG doesn’t. For one, you can see both recent stories and posts. You can purchase a “tracking package” for $9.99 that notifies you about new posts on a profile. Plus, you can also do the usual things, like view and download reels and posts.


    • Provides a comprehensive tracking of account activity.
    • Lets you see deleted posts, reels, and stories.
    • Has both free and paid options depending on your requirements.
    • Displays comments made by the profile.


Ingramer’s actually a little different from your usual Instagram story viewer. Instead of being a tool for snooping, it’s aimed toward marketing instead. It is an excellent tool for companies who want a competitive advantage over their rivals. However, keep in mind it’s not free and costs $37, %57, and $144 per account for 2 weeks, a month, and three months respectively.


    • Lets you download posts and stories.
    • No chance of accidentally leaking your ID while using it.
    • Has a feature that lets you search for hashtags and posts about a place.
    • Comes with marketing features for corporate users.


Hoverwatch isn’t just a story viewer: it’s a 360-degree solution to keeping tabs on somebody’s online life. This paid app is great and gives you complete access to somebody’s reels, videos, posts, etc. In fact, you can also track them through GPS, cell phone towers, and Wifi-spots saved on their device. Keep in mind that it costs $49.99 for a month, $27.99 per month for 3 months, and $11.66 per month for a year.


    • Helps you track somebody on different social media apps.
    • Lets you keep tabs on their location 24/7.
    • You can download posts, reels, stories, and even deleted content.
    • Gives you complete call history.


Just live Hoverwatch, Glassagram is a detailed alternative to StoriesIG. It won’t disclose your identity. For a monthly subscription of $59.99 for a month or $159.99 for a year, you can check out somebody’s Instagram posts, messages, reels, and stories. You can also download them, with all downloads at original source quality.


    • Accesses hidden stories and reels.
    • Tracks received and sent messages from a profile.
    • Provides GPS location of the device.
    • Lets you download posts, reels, and stories at high quality.

StoriesIG Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the best features of StoriesIG?

Ans. We were actually kinda hoping you’d ask this sooner or later. StoriesIG is an excellent Instagram Story Viewer. If you’re trying to stalk that crazy beautiful ex or just a crush you’re interested in, it’s the best app to use.

The best part is, we’re not just saying that. comes with several features to back it up, including things like:

  • It lets you view people’s Instagram stories without them knowing about it.
  • And that’s not it. It enables you to download Instagram stories, whether images or videos, to your device at original, source quality.

Ans. Let’s be clear about something for a second: there are several versions of StoriesIG, like .com, .net, and even a .app version. Regardless of which one you’re using, however, anonymity is built into the app’s design, as you never, not once, have to input any data about yourself.

Ans. Yes! We tested out all the different versions of StoriesIG we could (.com, .net, blah blah blah), and they were all pretty safe to use. They don’t download any data onto your device (except some cookies, we think), so there’s no chance of contracting any malware from them.

Ans. Believe it or not, that’s a question most of us wonder about daily. While this Facebook-owned app provides some metrics to keep track of who’s on your IG Stories, there’s no way to view who’s lurking on your profile: somebody who’s constantly on your profile but not visibly engaging with it.

That being said, some third-party apps can help you do that. There are different apps for Android and iOS, though, so here are some picks we’d recommend:

For Android:

  • FollowMeter
  • InReports
  • InMyStalker

And for iOS:

  • Analyzer Plus
  • Profile+
  • Reports for Followers

Ans. To be fair, we can understand where the skepticism is coming from. When you’re stalking your ex’s profile or checking out somebody you’re crushing out, the last thing you want is them finding out. We promise you, though, that when it comes to anonymity, StoriesIG will be your best bet.

Ans. StoriesIG is one of the easiest to use Instagram story viewers out there since it’s a simple browser-based app. Follow the steps down below to check out any posts and stories somebody has made on their profile:

  • Head to a StoriesIG site, like, or
  • Once there, you will see a large search box in the middle. It might look different based on your version, but it’s easily discernible.
  • Now, simply enter the profile username you’re looking for, and select the correct profile from the list that pops up.

Ans. Thankfully for you, no! StoriesIG doesn’t keep any of your data after you leave their site. You also never log into your own Instagram account (if you have one) in the first place, so there’s no way that the person whose profile you’re viewing could find out you’ve been peeping on them.

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