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10 Best Time Tracking Apps To Track Time At WorkPlace Efficiently

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The most valuable entity in the universe perhaps be someone’s Time, which never stops for anyone and it has been said that time heals all wounds Indeed when time changes either good can be bad or rich can be poor. Apart from this lecture on time, there is the enormous use of Time in this digital era; candidly it is called the Time Management.

The word itself is expressible that time management is used to increase productivity in an IT firm, industry, factories or in freelancing etc. When technology is escalating rapidly as well as changing simultaneously, to sustain the repercussion of the work, Time Management plays an imperative task. Globally, the theory of Time management and ways to supervise it or say to ply every microsecond of time wisely, the giant companies are following the theory.

In the digital era, where optimum work is done digitally or by electronic gadgets or with the maneuver of heavy automatic machines, time tracking software is installed on PC’s attached to them.

What is Time Tracking Software?

A type of software used by discrete companies on their projects. Moreover, a simple software designed to record, track the time spent on performing a specific task. Earlier there was a timesheet where employees had to enter time spent on a task, nowadays for ease, this manual work is replaced by efficient software.

Why Time Tracking?

In a firm, it is run to determine where the time is spent more, either on clients, on machines. When a business works well it benefits the employees working there. So, if one wants to boom his/her business or to make the employees efficient, Time tracking software is a better option.

By doing so one can determine the time spent on a task and how to do that thing even faster. Time tracking software enhances the accountability, by collecting the data on time and that is analyzed by the Human Resource department of a company.

[Originally Published in Sep 2018, Last Updated on 19th Mar 2019]

Check out the 10 Best Time Tracking Software :


Everhour - best time tracking software

Everhour is an intuitive and easy time tracking software that offers all the features to meet all your time recording needs. Everhour works well with many team management platforms including Asana, Basecamp, Pivotal, Trello and GitHub. The software is constantly evolving to quickly integrate with other solutions. In addition to tracking time, Everhour also provides task and project management capabilities as well as basic and advanced reporting capabilities. With Everhour, you can delegate tasks, monitor the progress of your projects, and generate reports that contain the information you want.



This time to say goodbye to printed excel sheets and erase boards because now you can manage your scheduling solutions with the help of T-Sheets time tracking software that makes employees working life easier and better. T-Sheets is a wonderful cloud-based computing tool that allows managers to schedule meeting with employees, assign jobs, and keep a workforce in-the-know and running like a smooth machine. This tool not only increases the financial lives but also give access to time tracker with the unlimited free phone or online support.



MindSalt is the well-known brand in the business world because it offers excellent business solutions to the companies such as time tracking tool that track all your projects accurately from concept to completion, reduce admin workload and increase the working productivity of the company.


Function Fox

We are living in the world of the technology where technologies not only ease the business work but also changing the pace of the working unit.  There are so many web-based time tracking tools available in the market, but one such that being first in the race of the time tracking tools is FunctionFox. It is a simple project management tool intended for creative teams. FunctionFox has come with many features such as task and expense tracking, task assignment and reporting, and a  group calendar to keep up with approaching deadlines.



Paymo offers limitless solutions to the working force.  Whether you are a freelancer or an employed this time tracking app always keep you up-to-date regarding your job. This tool supports schools, colleges, universities, offices to make flexible task management, project template, speedy online invoicing, easy access to file sharing and other working projects related to the business.



ClickTime, another time tracking app gives a complete report of all the booked assignments, occupations, events and activities that are being or have been performed by your whole group, including outsourced contractual workers.

Project Hours

project hours

There are a variety of solutions that allow organizations to increase the workflow, developed the accurate reports, and redeploy the resources to the higher value of addition role. The project hours is also one of them, that offer employe to maintain the record in electronic format, decrease the complex mistakes in an excel report and improve the quality of the work.



Avaza is an advanced product management and time tracking tool that gives you a chance to work together on the project with both your team and clients. Moreover, you’ll have the capacity to track your opportunity and bill your clients.



Scoro is an extensive arrangement that consolidates all the features you may need to deal with your business: tasks and management, contact administration, billing, group coordinated effort, and reporting.

Studio Clouds


StudioCloud gives all of you the features you have to effectively deal with your business whenever, anyplace. StudioCloud’s is one of the most renowned business management software actively handle the task and increase the efficiency of the workforce.



Odoo is a suite of open source business applications that cover all your organization needs: CRM, eCommerce, time tracking, bookkeeping, project management, and so on.


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